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Stand Against Cruel Wildlife Killing Competitions in New York – Take Action Now!

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Each year, countless animals, including coyotes, suffer at the hands of brutal wildlife killing competitions in New York. These savage events involve participants vying to eliminate the most or the largest animals in exchange for monetary rewards. Such contests encourage unnecessary cruelty and rely on scientifically unproven methods to manage wildlife populations.

Research indicates that fostering coexistence with predatory animals is a far superior approach to managing their populations than attempting to eradicate them. Consider the case of coyotes. Despite efforts to exterminate them over the past 100 years, coyotes have not only persevered but have expanded their territories to encompass many urban areas. This resilience is a testament to their adaptability, and it highlights the futility of using killing contests as a management strategy. Instead, it is crucial to focus on promoting coexistence and understanding the vital role these predators play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

The movement to abolish these inhumane contests is gaining traction. States like Arizona, California, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Vermont, and Washington have already enacted legislation to ban wildlife killing contests. It’s time for New York to follow suit and protect our precious wildlife from such needless violence.

We call upon you to stand up for New York’s wild inhabitants! Contact your state legislators and urge them to endorse legislation A.2917 / S.4099, which seeks to outlaw wildlife killing contests in New York. Be aware that this bill does not target contests for hunting white-tailed deer, turkey, bear, or fishing contests, and it’s applicable to New York residents only.

Let’s put an end to wildlife killing contests in our state. Take action now by visiting this action alert:

Join us in our mission to make New York a more humane and compassionate haven for our native wildlife.