Yo: febrero 2024

Protecting Wildlife: Advocating Against Aerial Gunning in Idaho’s National Forests

febrero 23, 2024

At the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC), we stand in solidarity with a coalition of organizations in the fight against aerial gunning and other predator control activities by private contractors in…

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Red wolf Recovery Updates: A Precarious Balance

febrero 16, 2024

The red wolf’s journey through the annals of conservation is a narrative fraught with challenges and setbacks. Once roaming vast expanses of the Southeastern United States, this keystone species has…

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A Fresh Look At Ontario’s Eastern Wolves

febrero 7, 2024

Eastern wolves, also known as Algonquin wolves, have long captivated the imagination with their enigmatic presence in the Canadian wilderness. Once considered a subspecies of the gray wolf, recent genomic…

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US Fish and Wildlife Service Denies Protections for Rocky Mountain Gray Wolves

febrero 2, 2024

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has failed wolves. Today, USFWS ruled that gray wolves in the Northern Rockies do not warrant federal protections, despite being subjected to aggressive, cruel,…

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