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US Fish and Wildlife Service Denies Protections for Rocky Mountain Gray Wolves

BLOG Northern Rockies

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has failed wolves. Today, USFWS gobernó that gray wolves in the Northern Rockies do not warrant federal protections, despite being subjected to aggressive, cruel, and unethical killing programs. In Montana alone, 230 wolves have been killed since September 2023.

This announcement is infuriating and saddening, yet not surprising. For years, USFWS has turned a blind eye to the horrors occurring across the Northern Rockies and only jumped into action when spurred by litigation.  They now acknowledge that the wolf killing practices employed across several states are “at odds with modern professional wildlife management” but make no effort to stop the slaughter. Instead, they choose to focus on the development of a national gray wolf recovery plan by 2025, an action that is much-needed but not enough.

“USFWS has failed wolves, but we won’t. Our dedication to a world free of killing for sport, a world where every wolf is valued, remains strong and is supported by people like you. Together, we will create a better world for wolves,” said Regan Downey, Director of Education at the WCC.

As wolf supporters and advocates, we’re often told that our emotions can be damaging to our work; that they can make us seem weak and disconnected from the “science” of conservation. But conservation is so much more – it’s passion, respect, ethics. In light of today’s news, we hope you feel intense emotions, and that those emotions inspire you to speak up and take action. Stay tuned for next steps.