End of Summer WCC Pupdate – Silas and Kazoo

agosto 25, 2023

The speed of physical pup development is mind blowing! Although no bigger than one pound at birth, wolves reach their adult size in less than one year, and reach sexual…

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Over 150,000 Voices Urge Biden Administration to Completely Reinstate the ESA

agosto 21, 2023

The rallying cry for the protection of endangered species has never been louder. Over 150,000 concerned citizens, from every corner of the nation, have implored the U.S. Fish and Wildlife…

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Oregon’s Wolves’ August Atrocities Underline a Year of Sorrow

agosto 16, 2023

As summer blankets Oregon, the serenity of its wild landscapes is juxtaposed sharply against a somber and alarming narrative – a continuation from our previous discussions this year showing the…

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Defending the ESA: A Look At The Attacks From Capitol Hill

julio 20, 2023

In the wake of recent proceedings on Capitol Hill, it’s become increasingly apparent that the Endangered Species Act (ESA) – a landmark piece of legislation marking its 50th anniversary this…

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Trump Compares Political Opponents To “Pack of Rabid Wolves”

junio 7, 2023

Earlier today, Donald Trump released a political ad on Truth Social which was filled with interspersed images of a snarling wolf, and in which he compared his political opponents to…

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New Wolf Families Emerge in Northern California: An Encouraging Development for Biodiversity

mayo 26, 2023

Today, we share a quiet but significant expansion occurring in Northern California’s wilderness – the increasing presence of wolf packs. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife reported earlier this…

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Defending the ESA: Why Wolves And Other Wildlife Need It

mayo 25, 2023

Here at the Wolf Conservation Center, our mission extends beyond the care of our on-site wolves: it’s rooted in a profound respect for the balance of ecosystems and the preservation…

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Idaho Approves Plan to Kill Majority of their Wolf Population

mayo 12, 2023

At the Wolf Conservation Center, we work tirelessly to educate the public about the crucial role wolves play in our ecosystem and to advocate for their protection and survival. We’ve…

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White House Endorses ‘Science Based’ ESA Protections

mayo 3, 2023

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has been a pivotal piece of legislation in the United States for wildlife conservation since its enactment in 1973. With today’s statement from the White…

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Important Updates On Lauren Boebert’s So-Called “Trust The Science” Act

abril 28, 2023

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the potential ramifications of the Trust the Science Act (H.R. 764) on gray wolves and other endangered species in the United States. This…

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