Let’s Get The Colorado Wolf Reintroduction Right

febrero 9, 2023

This is a pivotal moment for wolves in the western United States. With Colorado’s decision to reintroduce wolves following the passage of Proposition 114 in a 2020 vote, we want to ensure…

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Winter Mating Season Packs Plenty of Promise For Future Wolves

febrero 6, 2023

One of the most important factors in rebuilding an endangered population is of course making sure there are more of them! While the WCC has been a vocal and visible…

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Celebrating 50 Years Of The Endangered Species Act

febrero 2, 2023

For Immediate Release, February 2, 2023 Contact: Stephanie Kurose, Center for Biological Diversity, (202) 849-8401 x 103, skurose@biologicaldiversity.org Derek Goldman, Endangered Species Coalition, (406) 370-6491, dgoldman@endangered.org Perry Wheeler, Earthjustice, (202)…

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Can We Really Believe Wisconsin Has An Accurate Wolf Count?

enero 31, 2023

Several researchers recently took an extended look at Wisconsin’s 2022 ‘scaled occupancy model’ for estimating wolf counts in the state and concluded that the Wisconsin method systematically overestimates wolf abundance…

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What Happens To The Pack When A Wolf Dies?

enero 18, 2023

New Research Shows Losing One Wolf Can Destabilize Entire Pack The newest research by Kira Cassidy et al., to be published in the February issue of Frontiers in Ecologyand the…

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New Year, Same Bad Wolf Policy In Oregon

enero 14, 2023

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Service announced yesterday that they are authorizing ranchers, or their agent, to kill two members of the Catherine wolf pack in Union County after a…

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Oregon FW Confirms Illegal Killing Of Gray Wolf, Offers Reward

diciembre 16, 2022

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) related to the death of a federally protected gray…

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Colorado Wolf Restoration Unveils First Draft

diciembre 12, 2022

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission has released the first draft of the highly anticipated Wolf Restoration and Management Plan, and it’s a whopping 270 pages to work through. Instead…

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Court Limits Hunting and Trapping of Montana Wolves

noviembre 17, 2022

The fight for the protection of wolves in Montana scored a victory on Tuesday when a District Court in Lewis and Clark County issued a temporary restraining order impacting some…

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Wolf Killed In Oregon To Protect Private Interests

noviembre 2, 2022

Horseshoe Pack Kill Order An Umatilla County kill order targeting the Horseshoe Pack in Oregon, which was just extended and expanded last Friday, Oct. 28th, claimed a victim on Monday…

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