Los números de lobos grises mexicanos aumentan, pero no cuenten toda la historia

marzo 5, 2024

Para publicación inmediata el 5 de marzo de 2024 Contactos: Greta Anderson, Western Watersheds Project (520) 623-1878; greta@westernwatersheds.org Claire Musser, Proyecto de Recuperación del Lobo del Gran Cañón (928) 202-1325 claire@gcwolfrecovery.org Regan Downey, Centro de Conservación del Lobo…

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A Deeper Look into the 2023 Fourth Quarter Mexican Wolf Report – Challenges and Progress

enero 24, 2024

The Wolf Conservation Center is committed to providing in-depth and meaningful insights into the state of Mexican gray wolves in the wild, and we have skin in the game, considering…

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Asha Captured Again In New Mexico, Placed In Captivity

diciembre 12, 2023

In the unique landscapes of New Mexico, a dispersing wolf named Asha has become a symbol of both the resilience of the Mexican gray wolf species and the ongoing challenges…

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Conservation Groups Formally Ask for Mexican Gray Wolf ‘Asha’ To Remain Free

noviembre 7, 2023

For immediate release: November 7, 2023 Media contacts:  Greta Anderson, Western Watersheds Project (520)623-1878; greta@westernwatersheds.org Claire Musser, Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project (928)202 1325 claire@gcwolfrecovery.org  Chris Smith, WildEarth Guardians, 505-395-6177,…

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Wildlife advocates urge agencies to let roaming wolf “Asha” go where she needs

noviembre 2, 2023

Media contacts:  Chris Smith, WildEarth Guardians, 505-395-6177 csmith@wildearthguardians.orgMichael Robinson, Center for Biological Diversity, 575-313-7017 michaelr@biologicaldiversity.orgGreta Anderson, Western Watersheds Project, 520-623-1878 greta@westernwatersheds.orgSally Paez, New Mexico Wild, 505-350-0664 sally@nmwild.orgRegan Downey, Wolf Conservation…

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Wolf Awareness Week 2023: Big News, Great Promotions, and Educational Sessions

octubre 16, 2023

As we kick off Wolf Awareness Week, which runs from October 15th-22nd, we have several pieces of exciting news and ways you can get involved in your support for wolves.…

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Balancing Applause and Inquiry: The New Lobo Livestock Standards

agosto 30, 2023

The recent announcement of the newly proposed wolf-livestock standards for Mexican gray wolves in Arizona and New Mexico deserves our recognition and respect, especially for the groups like The Western…

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Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery: A Comprehensive Update for Q2 2023

agosto 4, 2023

The Mexican Wolf Recovery Program is making significant strides towards the conservation and management of Mexican wolves in Arizona, New Mexico, and neighboring regions. With collaboration between various agencies, including…

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Asha, wandering Mexican wolf captured near Taos last winter, returned to wild

junio 14, 2023

For immediate release: June 14, 2023 MEDIA CONTACTS:  Cyndi Tuell, Western Watersheds Project, (520) 272-2454; cyndi@westernwatersheds.org  Emily Renn, Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project, (928) 202-1325; emily@gcwolfrecovery.org   Chris Smith, WildEarth Guardians,…

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A Wild Opportunity: Several of Trumpet’s Pups To Be Cross Fostered

mayo 31, 2023

We are excited to share a truly thrilling update from the heart of our operations. As many of you know, Trumpet, a beloved member of our Mexican gray wolf pack,…

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