Exploring the Mystery of Melanistic Coyotes: Insights from Wolf Conservation Center Researchers

marzo 9, 2024

Melanistic coyotes, with their distinctive black coats, are a marvel in the eastern coyote populations, particularly in the southeastern United States. These rare creatures stand out starkly against both their…

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A Fresh Look At Ontario’s Eastern Wolves

febrero 7, 2024

Eastern wolves, also known as Algonquin wolves, have long captivated the imagination with their enigmatic presence in the Canadian wilderness. Once considered a subspecies of the gray wolf, recent genomic…

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WCC Research Team Presents at The Wildlife Society’s Annual Conference

noviembre 16, 2023

At the Wolf Conservation Center, our passion for wolves transcends the boundaries of our New York-based facility, driving us toward groundbreaking research that broadens our understanding of wolves and other…

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