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Eastern Wolf Education Summit: June 13-14

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Photo: Algonquin Provincial Park by Steve Dunsford 

The return of the Eastern wolf can reflect a more fully functional and wild ecosystem in North America, with wolves fulfilling dynamic and evolving ecological functions in the changing environments that now comprise the region. By mutually focusing on the ecosystem and the species, there is potential to explore the return of this top predator and its benefits to the changing ecosystems that depend on top-down regulation.

This year, the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) recommended that the Minister of Environment up list Eastern wolves to the status of “Threatened.” Under the Species at Risk Act (SARA), this change in their legal status would require the release of a ‘recovery strategy’ within 2 years.

In recognition of this development, the conservation community in the lower 48, especially those in the Northeast USA, has become increasingly aware of the potential recolonization of this species in our region. By mutually focusing on the species as well as ecosystems, there is potential to explore the natural recovery of this top predator and its benefits to the changing ecosystems that depend on top-down regulation.


Eastern Wolf Education Summit

The Wolf Conservation Center invites all constituents of the Northeast region and beyond to attend a two-part summit June 13 - 14 in Mt. Kisco, New York at the Holiday Inn. The Summit will comprise two parts:

Part 1: A working session between scientists and state wildlife representatives as they work to build consensus about Eastern wolf recovery and design a preliminary framework that explores the implementation of endangered species policy in the region.

Part 2: A town hall meeting whereby interested constituent groups and individuals will be encouraged to ask questions and express comments about the conclusions and recommendations of the working group as a result of their collaboration.

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Basic Registration Fees (covers conference, breakfast and lunch on Monday and Tuesday, and a visit to the Wolf Conservation Center). 

» Individual registration - $100 

» Student registration - $50

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We have secured special rates with the Holiday Inn (One Holiday Inn Dr Mt Kisco, NY 10549). Full-featured and offering fine accomodations, this hotel is also serving as the Summit venue, making it a convenient place to stay while attending the the Summit.

Special Summit rates: $139/night. Deadline for reservations (for this rate) is May 12, 2016. Mention "Wolf Conservation Center."