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Education Programs - Wolves of North America

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Learn about North America's wildest residents - wolves - during an education session with a WCC wolf expert. Students will be exposed to the history, ecology, and biology of wolves, and will learn about the current challenges facing wolf recovery across the United States. An emphasis will be placed on endangered species recovery programs for critically endangered red wolves and Mexican gray wolves. This program is suitable for students in elementary, middle, and high school and can be tailored to meet specific course requirements.

This program will discuss:

  • History/current range of wolves in North America
  • Species and subspecies
  • Diet/body structure
  • Endangered wolf species in North America
  • Ecological role of wolves and large predators
  • Communication/behavior

The program will inlcude pre-recorded video of WCC ambassador wolves illustrating behaviors, and will provide access to live webcams of critically endangered red wolves and Mexican gray wolves.

Students will finish the program feeling empowered to help save wolves and will be equipped with the necessary tools to do so. The WCC wolf expert will provide students with ways to support wolves from home and school, and will offer suggestions for speaking up for wolves on a local, state, and federal level.

Contact [email protected] to reserve the WCC's Wolves of North America Education Program for your students.