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LoboWeek 2017 - Join the Movement

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On March 29, 1998, 11 captive-reared Mexican gray wolves (Canis lupus baileyi) were released to the wild for the first time in the Blue Range Recovery Area of Arizona and New Mexico. Missing from the landscape for more than 30 years, the howl of the rarest and most unique subspecies of gray wolf was once again greeted by the mountains of the southwest. This March marks the 19th anniversary of this historic event, a significant milestone for the lobo and wildlife conservation. In recognition of the anniversary, the WCC is among the rapidly growing group of partners participating #LoboWeek, an international movement to educate people about the Mexican wolf or "lobo" and our efforts to successfully restore this critically endangered wolf to its ancestral home in the wild.

Join The movement!

Starting March 26th, we're enlisting Wildlife Organizations, Zoos, Advocacy Groups, Businesses, and individuals like you, to come together with one common purpose - to raise awareness for the most genetically distinct subspecies of gray wolf in North America, the Mexican gray wolf.

#LoboWeek is harnessing the power of social media to broaden our reach to and create a national moment.  All week (March 26 - April 1) #LoboWeek partners are dedicating time to the lobo on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media; offering information, fun facts, special events, contests and more.

Watch the offical #loboweek 2014 video!

How to become a partner

It's up to you how you choose to celebrate, but by following the simple steps below, our united efforts can help #LoboWeek take its place on the calendar and help make history!

Please follow the steps below and also email [email protected] so we can track how large our #LoboWeek pack is growing!

Social Media during March 26 – April 1:

  1. Step One: Update your Social Media profile and or cover photo to reflect something related to Lobo.
  2. Step Two: Overlay the #LoboWeek badge (it has a transparent background) on your cover photo. CLICK HERE to download the badge.
     Or download pre-made #LoboWeek cover photos (with badge) HERE.  
  3. Step Three:  A commitment help raise awareness for the lobo by posting, sharing, and educating on your media page! 

hashtag during March 26 – April 1:

  1. Connect on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc...  by using #LoboWeek on all lobo related tweets
  2. Retweeting/sharing partner’s tweets is a great way to show that our mission to educate people is united effort.


This anniversary gives us all the perfect excuse to contact  local or national press. Download a press release template to help you get started. We all have diverse relationships with lobo recovery so we can offer the press varied points of view!  Not only is the anniversary an opportunity for press about the lobo, it’s also a good reason to offer the press news about your participation in the campaign and lobo recovery, and the recovery program itself, and your organization.

Other and all ideas welcome! Just email [email protected].

Please share the campaign with any other orgs/individuals you think would be interested in participating!