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Wings and Wolves!

 Talons 2016b

Date: April 23, 2017
Fee: $20- Adults / $15 - Children (under 12)
Time: (Two programs) 11am and 2pm

The WCC is celebrating spring with an exciting bird of prey experience presented by TALONS! Guests will meet beautiful feathered ambassadors - European Owl, Barred Owl, Barn Owl Lanner Falcon, Ring Necked Raven, and Harris’s Hawk - during the educational and interactive bird of Prey experience. “Talons!” promises a high level of audience participation and helps to teach visitors how birds fly and interact with their environment during controlled flying demonstrations. Guests will also enjoy visiting WCC Ambassador wolves and behold the WCC’s critically endangered red wolves and Mexican wolves too. Pre-registration is required.

Register here for the 11am program
Register here for the 2pm program


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