Explore the Wild World of Wolf Behavior

Learn about wolf behavior with the help of the Wolf Conservation Center's live-streaming webcams! All 40 wolves that live at the WCC can be spotted on camera - they eat, sleep, play, and more! Complete this activity daily to hone your behavior identification skills.

The activity sheets are geared towards students in grades 2-6 but observing wolves can be done by anyone of any age - it's the perfect family activity!

More about the wolf webcams:

Our collection of webcams allow an unlimited number of viewers to enter the private lives of our "Ambassador" wolves Alawa, Zephyr, and Nikai, and seven elusive packs of critically endangered wolves via unobtrusive cameras in and around anticipated den sites. Wolves are naturally elusive and quite wary of humans so these cameras allow WCC staff to monitor the health and well-being of the wolves without disrupting their normal behaviors. As a bonus, we made these cameras available to the public to encourage a global audience to fall in love with wolves.