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Fifty Wolves Howling

Ambassador wolves Zephyr (featured), Alawa, and Nikai; plus red wolves Charlotte, Jack, Maple, Ben, Marley, Deven, MJ, Tyke, Veronica, Sam, Martha, Rich, Max, Shane, Hunter, Skye-Rae, Notch, Tom, Gilda, and Penny; along with Mexican gray wolves Magdalena, Diego, Belle, Rhett, Maus, Jean, Max, Nita, Rosa, Alléno, Hélène, Lek, Mittermeier, Beattie, Carson, Goodall, Bria, Craighead, Diane, Trumpet, Lighthawk, Babs, Kral, and Joe Darling – forty-seven wolves howling, to be exact.

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