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A wolf's jaws can produce up to 1500 pounds per sq. inch of pressure, compared to the 750 pounds per sq. inch produced by a large dog and the 70 pounds per sq. inch generated by a human.

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Meet Turner! Turner has been working to save wolves since he was six years old. After Turner visited the WCC and met Atka, he realized he wanted to teach other kids about the importance of protecting wolves. With his parents' permission, Turner started a Facebook page entitled Kids for Wolves and began posting important pieces of wolf information. After years of hard work, Turner was invited to meet with Senator Casey of Pennsylvania! Read more about Turner's work to save wolves.


Hi , my name is Haley and I like wolves. I think wolves are beautiful animals. I think it is important to have wolves because wolves are part of nature and if there are no wolves in the world the livestock or pray will grow too large. And that’s why I don’t like to see wolves suffer. I’m trying to adopt more and more wolves to help wolves and rise the number of wolves. I’ve adopted 2 wolves so far; their names are Trumpet and Zephyr. I like to try to raise awareness because they can raise the number of wolves faster. The ways I like to tell people is dressing up for Career Day as a WCC worker and passing out WCC Valentines. Learn more about Haley's efforts to show support for wolves.


Hi, my name is Eleanor. I love all animals, especially wolves, goats, and coyotes, and I like to write. One way I help wolves is by entering the Mexican wolf pup naming contest each year. Last year, my name was picked as one of the winners. I suggested the name "Sentinela" because Mexican gray wolves are known as the "sentries of the Southwest." I also wrote a poem about wolves to help people understand how important they are. Read Eleanor's poem.


Meet Lukas! Lukas, unlike many kids his age, already knows exactly what he wants to be when he grows up: an environmental scientist. And he's well on his way to achieving his dream! When tasked with picking a topic for his local science fair, Lukas decided to study how a border wall between the United States and Mexico would affect wildlife. He's worried that a wall would disrupt the migratory movements of two of his favorite animals: the jaguar and the Mexican gray wolf. View Lukas' project.


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