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Quand l'opportunité se présente…

                                                   Kaila in October                   

Rebecca Bose, the curator in charge of the care of the wolves, related this recent incident to us:

Rebecca had brought deer legs up to feed the ambassador wolves. Apache, the alpha, generally takes his food first but Lukas let his lust for food get the best of him and grabbed the first leg at the same time as Apache. The two backed away from the fence growling, each tugging at a different end of the leg. Kaila, who as the omega generally has to hang back during feeding or risk discipline from the other two, watched the males struggle for a while. Finally, seeming a little surprised at her good luck, she ambled up to the fence and happily trotted off with her food as Apache and Lukas continued their tug of war. (Of course, we don’t know what she was thinking, but that’s what it looked like.)

We’re sure there’s a moral in there somewhere, but we wanted to tell the story because we know that Kaila has a lot of fans. Score one for the grande dame of the WCC!