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Les loups de l'Oregon filmés

While people continue to bicker about wolves in the west, the Imnaha Pack of northeastern Oregon has quietly developed into a substantial family.  Oregon Fish and Wildlife officials recently discovered that the pack is larger than they previously thought.  Aerial surveys reveal that the pack  is currently 16 members strong.  The Imnaha Pack is one of two packs that call Oregon home.  The smaller Wenaha Pack, consisting of just 5 wolves, also roams the wilds of the extreme northeast corner of the state.  Rarely are people lucky enough to behold wolves in the wild.  Oregon Fish and Wildlife officials are not only among the fortunate few to glimpse these predators but they have managed to capture video too!

Check out their latest footage of the Imnaha Pack powering through snow.

The state or Oregon is providing official monthly news on its wolf population.  Ici is the December update and the archived reports can be found at Wolves of Oregon.