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Le juge de district américain Molloy décidera du sort des loups… encore une fois

Later today, U.S. District Judge Malloy will once again determine the fate of northern Rocky Mountain wolves as a handful of wildlife advocacy organizations head to his Missoula courtroom to challenge an “anti-wolf rider” attached to the recently passed budget bill on grounds that it is unconstitutional. The controversial rider removed federal protections from wolves of Idaho and Montana, eastern Washington, eastern Oregon and northern Utah and controversial wolf hunts are set to begin this fall.

Will Malloy once again return federal protections to this misunderstood predator? Soon we’ll know what the future holds for these special wolves and the Endangered Species Act (ESA) – the cornerstone of our Country’s environmental law.

Many people from both sides of the argument are expected to attend the hearing and thanks to the folks from Coalition nationale des observateurs de loups, we’ll be receiving a direct report from Missoula later today. Stay tuned…

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