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National WolfWatcher Coalition Giving You a Last Chance to Speak Up for WY Wolves

As we began 2011, wolves of the Northern Rockies were listed as endangered. Just a few months later everything changed for this special population of predators. During the spring, Congress passed a 2011 budget rider (Sec. 1713) that removed Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections from wolves in Idaho, Montana, eastern Washington, eastern Oregon and northern Utah. Congress excluded Wyoming from the rider stating that it’s wolf management plan wasn’t viable.

Bien que US Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) ait critiqué le plan du loup du Wyoming dans le passé, cet été, l'agence fédérale a annoncé son intention d'accepter la proposition du Wyoming et maintenant les défenseurs de la faune craignent des conséquences désastreuses.

U.S. Rep. Lummis (WY) inserted a wolf delisting rider (Sec.113) in the proposed 2012 budget bill which seeks to permanently delist wolves in WY and the Western Great Lakes without judicial review. The House vote takes place on Dec. 16th so there is not much time left to take action on behalf of Wyoming’s wolves.

If your hackles are raised please visit National WolfWatcher Coalition’s web page dedicated to helping people act on behalf of this special wolf population.