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Rejoignez le combat pour les loups

Wolves nationwide urgently need your help. Over 1700 wolves have already been killed since Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections were lifted in six states in 2011, and now U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) plans to strip Federal protections from nearly all gray wolves nationwide. The ESA requires that species listing decisions are governed by the best available science. Unfortunately, it was with political and economic considerations at the helm that USFWS declared gray wolves as recovered. USFWS ignores America’s support of wolf recovery and des scientifiques experts en biologie de la conservation qui avertissent que la règle de radiation est prématurée.

If USFWS carries out their nationwide delisting proposal in spite of the exposure of its anti-wolf bias and the fact that the majority of Americans support wolves as part of our wilderness and heritage, we’ll be opening the door to more political assaults on wolves and other imperiled species. Without realizing the serious ecological consequences, we already came close to totally exterminating wolves from the lower 48 states. But the ESA gave us a second chance to right this wrong. Let’s not let history repeat itself. The mission is far from accomplished. Delisting now is a political decision. For the sake of wolves, the environment, and the integrity of science, we must continue to urge USFWS not to kill 40 years of recovery.

Please watch and share Center for Biological Diversity’s video, and #StandForWolves by opposing USFWS’s nationwide delisting plan. You can find useful talking points and the comment submission link ICI. Merci!

 Merci Centre pour la diversité biologique for the video and wolf graphic above.