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La guerre de l'Alaska contre la faune

 In Alaska’s wildlife war, the federal government via the National Park Service (NPS) continues to fight as the state ramps up predator control to artificially boost moose, caribou and deer populations. The NPS understands that the 1916 Organic Act tasks them with maintaining healthy populations of ALL animals – not just those people eat.

“To increase the (caribou) population might not be a smart move based on ecological carrying capacity,” notes John Burch, a federal wolf biologist. If Alaska continues to call for culls of 60 to 80 percent of Fortymile’s wolf population, he says, the caribou could eat themselves out of house and home.”

Alaska’s 2014 hunting regulations are once again largely the same for national preserves as for state land. Read more from Nouvelles du Haut Pays.

To learn more about Alaska’s War on Wolves and Bears, please visit National Parks Conservation Association.