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Educating Animal Planet About Real Wolves

 Animal Planet a reçu beaucoup de chaleur depuis qu'il a faussement décrit les loups comme des bêtes mangeuses d'hommes dans leur sensationnel et complètement trompeur "Super loups” programme. Pétitions demanding the channel pull the programming has been circulating widely. Animal Planet, however, is right about something — wolves and other wild animals often demonstrate that they are indeed SUPER!  We’ll be spotlighting just a fraction of the SUPER animal that we’ve learned about of the coming days.

In 1991 there was a radio collared wolf named “Pluie” who over a 2 year period traveled over 40,000 square miles! Her amazing trek revealed her species’ wandering ways and inspired scientists to think about conservation at much larger scales. To this day, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative credits this wolf for initiating continental-scale conservation.

Pluie is a real #SUPERWOLF! Stay tuned for more SUPER wolf stories and learn more about Pluie ici