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Montana Wolf Stamp est un pas, mais dans quelle direction ?

While the Montana Wolf Stamp is an excellent beginning that should be considered a work in progress by Poissons, faune et parcs du Montana (FWP) commission, this should not be considered a done deal. Those who consider buying a wolf stamp need to understand that FWP did not formally announce their own version of Natural Resources Defense Council‘s (NRDC) draft proposal. It seems the final proposal will be announced by the end of the summer and a public comment period will follow. We don’t yet know if it will include all, part, or none of NRDC’s suggested language. Interestingly, MT state legislature DID pass legislation that grants landowners the right to kill an additional 100 wolves annually. In addition to this new kill quota of 100, wolves will be killed in MT’s trophy hunting and trapping season, and by USDA’s wildlife Services for any conflict with livestock. So buyer beware…