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Milestone for Critically Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf M1133


Les anniversaires ne manquent pas ! Les loups sont mono-œstrus et ne se reproduisent qu'une fois par an pendant les mois d'hiver. Alors le printemps c'est la saison des anniversaires ! Aujourd'hui nous célébrons le loup gris mexicain M1133 !

In October of 2015, Mexican Gray Wolf M1133 (affectionately nicknamed “Rhett” by the Wolf Conservation Center’s community of webcam watchers) met a voluptuous loba – Mexican gray wolf F1226.

La Plan de survie des espèces (SSP) management group for the Mexican gray wolf determines which wolves should be bred each year by using software developed for the population management of endangered species. This is necessary because all Mexican wolves descended from just 7 founders rescued from extinction. Genetic diversity is the primary consideration in the selection of Mexican wolf breeding pairs and M1133 and F1226 are a great match on paper with an extremely low inbreeding coefficient.

Parfois, sauver une espèce n'est pas très romantique, mais il s'avère que M1133 et F1226 forment une paire vibrante, aimante et ludique qui donne l'impression d'être très amusante !

The terrific twosome bonded effortlessly. The day the wolves were officially introduced, a global audience witnessed (via webcam) the lovely lobos meet with a kiss! Their wild chemistry has continued to thrive, so much so that we’re hopeful the pair will make a valuable contribution to the recovery of their rare species by having pups this season.

Here’s hoping M1133 celebrates his 8th birthday by making a priceless contribution to the recovery of his rare species by becoming a dad!

Happy birthday, Mexican wolf M1133!