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Offrez une GoPro à un loup…

Meet Atka! The confident and charismatic ambassador has won the hearts and opened the minds of hundreds of thousands of people throughout his storied career. As an important player in the fight to preserve wolves’ rightful place in the environment, Atka’s credentials are beyond dispute.

Atka turned fifteen years old on May 17th! Because he retired from his career as a traveling Ambassador last year, Atka interacts with fewer people than he used to and we realized he missed communicating with his fans. So, after the long, requisite talk about safety, etiquette, and responsibility, we gave Atka his very own email account at!

In a matter of hours, emails with photos, artwork, and wonderful well wishes started arriving at an alarming rate. Nearly 1000 emails filled Atka’s inbox with messages from every continent with the exception of Antarctica!

We encourage you to say “hi” to Atka too. Maybe he’ll even respond