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PUPDATE - Étape importante du chiot loup mexicain


Rosa (F1143) and Alleno’s (M1198) pups are now three months old! The critically cute litter of nine received their twelve-week health check earlier today, with assistance from Dr. Bayha of Centre vétérinaire de Pound Ridge, and each pup is healthy, strong, and wild – the perfect combination!

As part of the Wolf Conservation Center’s participation in the Mexican gray wolf Species Survival Plan (SSP), these pups and their parents reside off-exhibit in an effort to safeguard their natural, elusive behaviors. Wolves in the wild are naturally afraid of people so the WCC staff follows a protocol to have minimal human contact with the Mexican wolves, which will ensure they have a greater probability of being successful if they are released into the wild as part of the recovery plan. Under these protocols, captive born pups must be checked during certain milestones in their development to ensure proper growth.

Apprendre encore plus about Mexican gray wolves and the WCC’s efforts to save them.

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