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Nouvelle étude - La conservation des carnivores nécessite une protection du bétail fondée sur des preuves

Preventing carnivores from preying on livestock, and preventing the human retaliation that can follow, would achieve three important societal goals: preserve nature, protect animal welfare, and safeguard livelihoods. Achieving these objectives depends on policies that foster coexistence between humans and wild carnivores.

dans un nouveau étude published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS Biology, twenty-one authors from 10 nations reviewed 114 peer-reviewed scientific studies measuring the effectiveness of lethal and non-lethal methods for reducing carnivore predation on livestock. The researchers found that livestock guardian dogs, livestock enclosures and fladry are all effective non-lethal conflict deterrents.

Since evidence of the effectiveness of any intervention should be a prerequisite to policy-making or large-scale funding. the authors urge the formation of an international coalition of scientists to set standardized scientifically-supported protocols to ultimately inform society, property owners, decision-makers, and other interests for wise wildlife management policy.

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