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Les anniversaires de loups abondent : semaine du 19 avril 2020

Le printemps est la saison de la renaissance et du renouveau, mais pour les loups c'est aussi la saison des anniversaires ! La saison de reproduction a lieu à la fin de l'hiver. Ainsi, avec une période de gestation de 63 jours, les petits naissent au début du printemps. Avec 44 loups vivant actuellement au Wolf Conservation Center, le printemps signifie BEAUCOUP d'anniversaires !

This week (April 19 – April 25) we’re celebrating 14 birthdays:

Red Wolves Ben, Deven, Marley, Maple, Rich, Martha, Max, Shane, Hunter, and SkyRae (April 19)

These red wolf rock stars, all born on April 19, 2018 (four to red wolf Charlotte, six to red wolf Veronica), share more than just a birthday – they represent the Wolf Conservation Center’s active participation in the effort to save their species from extinction. With only 12 red wolves known to remain in the wild, these two sibling groups are the future of their species.

Zephyr and Alawa (April 20)

As two of the WCC’s most famous wolves, these two ambassadors need no introduction. They’re celebrating their 9th birthday but they’ll forever be spirited young pups in our eyes.

Rosa (April 22)

An Earth Day birthday is only fitting for Rosa; her status as a Mexican gray wolf forever links her to the Earth and healthy ecosystems. The beautiful mother of ten encapsulates everything wonderful about wolves – she’s fierce, loyal, and extremely loving. Happy 12th birthday, Rosa!

Diego (April 22)

Everyone’s favorite grandfather is turning 13 years old! The handsome Mexican gray wolf is the grandfather of Hope, the North American superhero who was cross-fostered into the wild last May. Diego is well-loved for his excellent parenting skills and his soulful howls.

Rejoignez-nous pour envoyer des hurlements d'anniversaire à ces loups uniques et essentiels ! Envisagez d'adopter symboliquement un (ou tous) ces loups pour rendre leurs anniversaires un peu plus sauvages.