Mois : mai 2023

A Wild Opportunity: Several of Trumpet’s Pups To Be Cross Fostered

mai 31, 2023

We are excited to share a truly thrilling update from the heart of our operations. As many of you know, Trumpet, a beloved member of our Mexican gray wolf pack,…

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New Wolf Families Emerge in Northern California: An Encouraging Development for Biodiversity

mai 26, 2023

Today, we share a quiet but significant expansion occurring in Northern California’s wilderness – the increasing presence of wolf packs. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife reported earlier this…

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Defending the ESA: Why Wolves And Other Wildlife Need It

mai 25, 2023

Here at the Wolf Conservation Center, our mission extends beyond the care of our on-site wolves: it’s rooted in a profound respect for the balance of ecosystems and the preservation…

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Wolf Pup Developmental Milestones

mai 23, 2023

The speed of physical pup development is mind blowing! Although no bigger than one pound at birth, wolves reach their adult size in less than one year, and reach sexual…

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A Joyful New Chapter: Trumpet Embraces Motherhood Again

mai 19, 2023

Here at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC), we are thrilled to share an exciting new development! Trumpet, our cherished Mexican gray wolf, has recently welcomed her largest litter yet. On…

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A New Ray of Hope: Second Consecutive Birth of Red Wolf Pups in the Wild

mai 17, 2023

While there’s been plenty of concerning news for wolves the last few weeks, we couldn’t be more thrilled to share the wonderful news of the birth of five red wolf…

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Idaho Approves Plan to Kill Majority of their Wolf Population

mai 12, 2023

At the Wolf Conservation Center, we work tirelessly to educate the public about the crucial role wolves play in our ecosystem and to advocate for their protection and survival. We’ve…

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Stand Against Cruel Wildlife Killing Competitions in New York – Take Action Now!

mai 9, 2023

Each year, countless animals, including coyotes, suffer at the hands of brutal wildlife killing competitions in New York. These savage events involve participants vying to eliminate the most or the…

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White House Endorses ‘Science Based’ ESA Protections

mai 3, 2023

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has been a pivotal piece of legislation in the United States for wildlife conservation since its enactment in 1973. With today’s statement from the White…

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