Mois : août 2023

Balancing Applause and Inquiry: The New Lobo Livestock Standards

août 30, 2023

The recent announcement of the newly proposed wolf-livestock standards for Mexican gray wolves in Arizona and New Mexico deserves our recognition and respect, especially for the groups like The Western…

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Mise à jour du COE de fin d'été – Silas et Kazoo

25 août 2023

The speed of physical pup development is mind blowing! Although no bigger than one pound at birth, wolves reach their adult size in less than one year, and reach sexual…

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A Farewell Message From WCC Director Maggie Howell

août 23, 2023

Dear WCC Friends and Family, I’m writing today to let our supporters know that, after 18 dynamic and fulfilling years with the Wolf Conservation Center, I have decided to step…

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WCC Joins Call For Changes to Mexican Gray Wolf Strategy

août 22, 2023

The WCC joined several organizations that signed off on the following letter which was sent to USFWS director Martha Williams, regional director Amy Lueders, and Mexican wolf recovery director Brady…

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Over 150,000 Voices Urge Biden Administration to Completely Reinstate the ESA

août 21, 2023

The rallying cry for the protection of endangered species has never been louder. Over 150,000 concerned citizens, from every corner of the nation, have implored the U.S. Fish and Wildlife…

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Oregon’s Wolves’ August Atrocities Underline a Year of Sorrow

août 16, 2023

As summer blankets Oregon, the serenity of its wild landscapes is juxtaposed sharply against a somber and alarming narrative – a continuation from our previous discussions this year showing the…

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A New Chapter for the Red Wolf: Historic Settlement Leads to Renewed Conservation Efforts

août 9, 2023

The red wolf, a symbol of the wild, has fought back from the brink of extinction not once but twice, with human intervention playing both savior and hindrance in its…

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Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery: A Comprehensive Update for Q2 2023

août 4, 2023

The Mexican Wolf Recovery Program is making significant strides towards the conservation and management of Mexican wolves in Arizona, New Mexico, and neighboring regions. With collaboration between various agencies, including…

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Run Like A Wolf Participant, Daniel Lockhart, Opens Event With 100-Mile Run

août 2, 2023

After one day of our annual Run Like A Wolf event, there was no question about who the leader was. Daniel Lockhart, from Durham, NC, logged a 100-mile run in…

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