Thank you for celebrating LoboWeek with the Wolf Conservation Center! We've chosen to howl our thanks by providing supporters with a free Mexican gray wolf ringtone. It'll give you chills - the good kind.

Having a little trouble uploading the ringtone to your iPhone? Follow this guide for assistance.

The Face Behind the Howl

Meet Mexican gray wolf Magdalena (also known as Mags or F1435)! The fierce beauty is a former resident of the Wolf Conservation Center, where she lived with Mexican gray wolf Diego and dazzled visitors from afar with her soulful songs. Although she left the WCC in December 2019 to live at the Zoo de la vallée de Lehigh (PA) her howl has proven impossible to forget. It perfectly symbolizes everything a wolf is - wild, beautiful, and awe-inspiring.

Close your eyes and bask in the wildness of her howl.

F1435 Magdalena Edit 8x10 Sm Web