2302-OR: Colorado Parks and Wildlife released five gray wolves onto public land in Grand County, Colorado on Monday, December 18, 2023. Pictured is wolf 2302-OR.

A Historic Milestone: The Return of Gray Wolves to Colorado

Décembre 19, 2023

In a groundbreaking conservation effort, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has reintroduced five gray wolves into the wilds of Grand County, marking a significant step in restoring the species to…

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Réintroduction du loup au Colorado : un pas en avant incertain

Décembre 6, 2023

The Wolf Conservation Center acknowledges a significant milestone in wildlife conservation as Colorado embarks on a historic journey to reintroduce gray wolves by the end of this month. This initiative,…

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Rushed Colorado Senate Bill Seeks To Delay Wolf Reintroduction

avril 5, 2023

While CO rep. Lauren Boebert has been attacking endangered species on the national front, wolf reintroduction could be in danger on the state level in CO as well. The recent…

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Lauren Boebert’s War on the ESA: Ignoring the Science

avril 3, 2023

Rep. Lauren Boebert’s House Bill 7766, the ironically named “Trust the Science Act”, which seeks to undermine the Endangered Species Act by allowing states to opt out of federal protection…

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Why Joe Rogan Is Wrong On Wolf Reintroduction

mars 23, 2023

In recent years, Joe Rogan has become one of the most popular podcast hosts in the world, known for his wide-ranging conversations with guests from all walks of life. However,…

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Reintroduction Talks Come To Denver As Wolves Score Temporary Win

février 23, 2023

The CO Wolf Reintroduction Plan has completed its public comment period, but not before Denver residents and other concerned citizens had one more opportunity to comment publicly to the Colorado…

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Let’s Get The Colorado Wolf Reintroduction Right

février 9, 2023

This is a pivotal moment for wolves in the western United States. With Colorado’s decision to reintroduce wolves following the passage of Proposition 114 in a 2020 vote, we want to ensure…

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Colorado Wolf Restoration Unveils First Draft

Décembre 12, 2022

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission has released the first draft of the highly anticipated Wolf Restoration and Management Plan, and it’s a whopping 270 pages to work through. Instead…

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