A Joyful New Chapter: Trumpet Embraces Motherhood Again

mai 19, 2023

Here at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC), we are thrilled to share an exciting new development! Trumpet, our cherished Mexican gray wolf, has recently welcomed her largest litter yet. On…

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Government Agents Kill Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf Father, Threatening Pack’s Survival

avril 17, 2023

MEDIA CONTACTS: Maggie Howell, Wolf Conservation Center, (914) 763-2373; maggie@nywolf.orgGreta Anderson, Western Watersheds Project (520)623-1878; greta@westernwatersheds.org Chris Smith, WildEarth Guardians, (505) 395-6177, csmith@wildearthguardians.orgMichael Robinson, Center for Biological Diversity, (575) 313-7017,…

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Mexican Gray Wolf Babs Embarks On Exciting New Journey

mars 27, 2023

Lobo Week is off to an incredible start at the WCC. Mexican gray wolf Babs, born at the WCC in 2018, recently took a momentous step in her journey toward…

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Mexican Wolves Breaking Through Despite Arbitrary Limits In New Mexico

mars 13, 2023

Last week, Mexican gray wolves, aka Lobos, broke through an impressive threshold: sprinting past 200 wild wolves in New Mexico and Arizona. While we’re thrilled at this progress, and with…

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Mexican Wolf Numbers Reach New Heights

mars 2, 2023

Mexican wolves were reintroduced for the first time in 1998, after they spent 30 years completely wiped from existence in the wild. 4 years later, in 2002, the first wild-born…

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Winter Mating Season Packs Plenty of Promise For Future Wolves

février 6, 2023

One of the most important factors in rebuilding an endangered population is of course making sure there are more of them! While the WCC has been a vocal and visible…

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Wandering Mexican gray wolf Removed From Northern New Mexico

janvier 23, 2023

A wandering Mexican gray wolf, named Asha by school children, also known as F2754, had her journey cut short by wildlife officials who captured her after she attempted to roam…

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Conservation groups dismayed by agency removal of wandering wolf Asha

janvier 23, 2023

For immediate release: January 23 , 2023 Media contacts:Chris Smith, WildEarth Guardians, (505) 395-6177; csmith@wildearthguardians.orgGreta Anderson, Western Watersheds Project (520) 623-1878; greta@westernwatersheds.orgMichael Robinson, Center for Biological Diversity, (575) 313-7017; michaelr@biologicaldiversity.orgRenee…

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Mexican gray wolf “Asha” should be allowed to continue her travels

janvier 19, 2023

For immediate release: January 19, 2023 Media contacts: Greta Anderson, Western Watersheds Project (520) 623-1878; greta@westernwatersheds.orgChris Smith, WildEarth Guardians (505) 395-6177; csmith@wildearthguardians.org Sally Paez, New Mexico Wild (505) 350-0664; sally@nmwild.org Renee Seacor, Project Coyote & The…

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An Endangered Lobo Crossed I-40, Now What?

janvier 11, 2023

An endangered Mexican gray wolf known as f2754 (and named “Asha” by schoolchildren in an annual Pup Naming Contest) recently crossed a northern boundary in New Mexico that wildlife officials…

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