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Did You Know?

"When it comes to wolves, it's not about numbers. It's about family." ~ Gordon Haber

Fundraising ideas

  • Selling lemonade or other refreshments from a neighborhood stand (an old standby, but still very effective!)
  • Having a "penny drive"
  • Having a recyclable can drive
  • Holding a bake sale
  • Hosting a pot-luck dinner where everybody brings a dish and a small donation
  • Selling homemade crafts
  • Organizing a group (scout group or a class…) to sell WCC merchandise to neighbors

We can help you out with ideas and wolf information/content (if necessary).  The only limits are your imagination and the amount of time you have. One group of 7th and 8th graders from John Jay recently organized and performed at a benefit concert that raised almost $3,000 to help fund Atka's den (see photo below)!

No donation is too small – we greatly appreciate any time and effort that goes toward helping out the wolves. There are lots more ways that people of any age can help raise funds for the WCC, so if you have any questions or need an idea, just let us know!