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Did You Know?

Wolves don't howl at the moon - they howl to communicate. For example, wolves howl to assemble the pack, warn intruders to stay away, or motivate family members to join in the hunt.

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Take Action

Please consider taking action via the Wolf Conservation Center’s active campaigns

Become a Volunteer

Our volunteers are indispensable in performing tasks that help us fulfill our mission. We couldn’t exist without them! Click here to learn more about our Volunteer program 

Write a Letter to the Editor

A great way to support wolves and their recovery is by writing a Letter to the Editor!  Here are some tips you will help you to write a more effective letter, and increase your chances of getting published.    How to write your letter.

Corporate Partners and Opportunities

The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) would be unable to fulfill our mission without our volunteers and commercial partnerships. Some of our partners provide in-kind product donations and others hours of their time and service.  Howls of gratitude to our following corporate partners, they exemplify the amazing potential to make this world a better place.   

Quarry Ridge Animal Hospital
Ridgefield Pet
The Country Farmer
The Veterinary Cancer Center
Trinity Packaging Corporation
Whole Foods
We value this support and welcome new companies looking to partner with the WCC to reflect a social responsibility program. Please email Maggie@nywolf.org to discuss corporate sponsorship and/or corporate volunteering opportunities.


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