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Mating Pair Sponsorship - M1133 and F1226


Looking for a Valentine's Day present for that special someone? Sponsor M1133 and F1226!

This dynamic duo is one of the WCC's most famous pairs and they're quite fertile (how romantic!). The pair produced litters in 2016 and 2017 but this year they're going about it in a more... scientific way.

M1133 and F1226 have been separated for breeding season and F1226 will be artificially inseminated with frozen semen. The procedure, which provides a wealth of options for creating a more genetically diverse Mexican wolf population and allows for the pair's adult pups and yearlings to remain with the family, will hopefully prove fruitful with this loving pair! After all, there are many ways to have pups - not all of them involve doing it "wolfy"-style!

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Mating Pair Sponsorship
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