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Did You Know?

The Mexican gray wolf, also known as the lobo, is the most genetically distinct subspecies of gray wolf.

Information for visitors

Visit the Wolf Conservation Center for a unique and educational experience! All of the WCC's education programs offer guests opportunities to not only learn about wolves but to see wolves too!

The WCC's four 'ambassador wolves' reside on exhibit where that help teach the public about wolves and their vital role in the environment. Through wolves, the WCC teaches the broader message of conservation, ecological balance, and personal responsibility for improved human stewardship of our World.

Most of the Center's critically endangered 22 Mexican gray wolves and 21 red wolves reside within the WCC's Endangered Species Facility. These enclosures are private and secluded, and the wolves are not on exhibit for the public. Wolves in the wild are naturally afraid of people so the WCC staff follows a protocol to have minimal human contact with the Mexican wolves. This will ensure they have a greater probability of being successful if they are released into the wild as part of the recovery plan. 

Simply click on the event of your choice on the Program Calendar for additional information and to register.  Please read the following to learn more about our various programs we offer. 

NOTE: The Wolf Conservation Center address is 7 Buck Run, South Salem, NY 10590. The WCC is open to the public by reservation only; drop-in visitors will not be allowed on the property. Once you sign-up for one of our programs through our online Program Calendar you will receive a confirmation email with the WCC address and directions. Dress as you would for any field trip: sturdy shoes, suntan lotion, mosquito repellent, clothing for whatever the season demands. Visitors are required to be fully clothed at all times: shirt, pants/shorts, shoes, etc. The WCC reserves the right to cancel and refund any program due to a lack of registrants.

We offer different programs onsite to cater to specific age levels. Program lengths vary but generally run approximately 1.5 hours. Watch a short video to get a preview of what to expect when you visit the center:


Daytime Programs

  • Wolves of North America: Adults - $14 / Children (under 12) - $11 - visit our program calendar for program information/registration
  • Pack Chat for Kids: (age-appropriate 4-8) Adults - $14 / Children (under 12) - $11 - visit our program calendar for program information/registration
  • Winter Wolves: refreshments served (seasonal) Adults - $15 / Children (under 12) - $12 January & February only
  • Photo Sessions:($100) - Ages 13+ - visit our program calendar for program information/registration
  • Special Lectures:  View our Special Events Page
  • Saving a Species – Spotlight on Recovery of Endangered Wolves:  Adults-$14 / Children (under 12) - $11 - visit our program calendar for program information/registration
  • Wolf Tails – Mythology of a Predator:  Adults-$14/ Children (under 12) - $11 - visit our program calendar for program information/registration
  • Summer Wolf Camp for Kids$350/child for the 5-day session
  • Become a Wolf Conservation Center Keeper for a Day!

* Photo Sessions run 2 hours and lecture lengths vary.


Evening Programs

  • Evening Howls: refreshments served (seasonal) - Adults - $16.00 / Children (under 12) - $13.00 - visit our program calendar for program information/registration
  • Evening Howls (Adults Only!): Wine & Cheese served (seasonal) - Adults (21+) - $20.00 - visit our program calendar for program information/registration
  • Wolf Awareness Programming (October) - Price Varies
  • Sleeping with Wolves (Spring, Summer, Fall) - Price varies



More information about group programs can be found on our Group Visit page.



To learn how to schedule a BIRTHDAY PARTY at the WCC, please click here



Gift Certificates are now available! Enjoy giving your loved one a howling good time,a gift certificate to the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY! Gift certificates may be redeemed towards admission to any of the WCC’s education programs, or for any items in the WCC gift shop. For more information, please send an email to visit@nywolf.org


Be Prepared

When spending time outdoors, it’s necessary to take precautions in order to prevent serious infections, especially Lyme disease. Lyme disease is an infection caused by bacteria and is spread by the bite of a deer tick. Not all deer ticks are infected, so not all tick bites will cause the disease. Despite this, the key thing to be aware of is prevention. Download and print prevention flyers offering great tips!  


Service Animals

In most settings, the presence of a service animal will not result in a fundamental alteration. However, there are some exceptions. At the Wolf Conservation Center, service animals are restricted from the wolf exhibit areas. Wolves are the natural competitors of dogs, and the presence of a dog would be disruptive, causing the exhibit wolves to become agitated and possibly behave aggressively toward one another.

The Wolf Conservation Center does permit trained service animals to accompany their owners during the indoor educational portion of programs in the WCC classroom cabin.

(Pets and service dogs in training are not permitted on WCC grounds.)  


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