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John Vucetich Explains Why Public Wolf Hunts are Not the Solution

John Vucetich, Michigan Tech associate professor of wildlife ecology and co-director of the Isle Royale Wolf-Moose Study, explains why a public hunt against wolves is not an answer.

Keep Michigan Wolves Protected is a coalition of conservation groups, animal welfare organizations, Native American tribes, wildlife scientists, faith groups, veterinarians, hunters, farmers, and concerned Michigan citizens. The coalition urges Michigan voters to say NO to the wolf hunt by voting NO on Proposals 1 and 2 on November 4th.

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24 Responses to John Vucetich Explains Why Public Wolf Hunts are Not the Solution

  1. Patricia Greig says:

    I wish you the very best in trying to stop the wolf hunt in Michigan. The hunt in Wisconsin was, and still is a travesty. I am divested at the torment and suffering of these beautiful animals that keep our ecosystem in check. Wolf Advocate

  2. ileana verguizas says:

    it truly is imperative that education is set up in places throughout the states where hunting licenses are sold. a wonderful thing would be that in order to obtain a hunting license a course needs to be taken and passed along with the education. This would educate all license holders on the importance of wildlife in our ecosystem and not killing for the hell of it. We don’t have much left of our wildlife and all the states seem to be looking for more ways to eradicate the wildlife that is so needed by any ecological system. This needs to end and the wildlife that was in place existed way before all the human race took over the land. Ranchers and farmers need to keep their livestock on their property and guard it by nonlethal means instead of just blaming wolves for all the mishaps.

  3. sumitra koutras says:

    I think these folks are beyond education. These are the same type of folks that were for slavery. Did education change their minds about slaves being humans ?? That slaves deserved RIGHTS? No! Their bias and prejudice has got nothing to do with education. Its a hatred based on lack of compassion and evil. Only LAWS protecting the wolves and LAWS against poaching will work. Education never ended racism . LAWS did . And so LAWS will end this meaningless wolf massacre…because some minds are beyond education.

    • Brittany Frosty says:

      your right. But does anyone else understand that? No. Most people are hunters and just want something to kill. The wolves deserve to live here too.

  4. mafe salubre says:

    Leave the wolves alone. Stop killing them please… Give half of our planet back to animals and wildlife. RESPECT!!!

  5. Patricija Jakobovic says:

    I wish the hunt would stop forever!

  6. Karen says:

    Please dont kill anymore wolves. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!

  7. jimenez says:

    J’♥♥♥♥les loups je trouve qu’ils sont très utilent dans l’eco systeme. Je suis contre les prélèvements du loups dans l’environnement. Il est existentiel et utile!

  8. Lesley dean says:

    Please stop this all this killing must stop now

  9. Robert Kelley says:

    what can we do to help stop this

  10. Sarah Betts says:

    Ancestors in England hunted British wolves to extinction. We lost countless beautiful creatures, creatures we can’t see in this country today. Don’t let it happen to the USA.

  11. C.Smythe says:

    Wolves have been here for MILLIONS of years yet some humans believe they have the right to hunt & kill these magnificent animals.This is ALL wrong.

  12. Avelina Pereira says:

    There is no meaning in hunting, whatever be it may be

  13. nasrat khan says:

    Hunting animals like wolves will destroy the equilibrium of the areas n climate n eventually destroy the human existence

  14. Marcel Sanantha says:

    It has to stop for them !!

  15. Anny Vanderstien says:

    Stop wolf hunting, it’s barbaric and soo cruel! Respect wildlife and stop killing them!

  16. Jessica poempipatana says:

    pro-wolf! Pro-life! Everything deserves a chance to live. By killing wolfs we could be over populating other species. Not only that but hurting the proper balance of nature

  17. julia miller says:

    STOP! killing the wolves..they are beautiful creatures. leave our wildlife alone…

  18. Jaz calma says:

    Stop wolf hunting and let them live free.

  19. Auxifur Wolfgram says:

    Whenever i go to take a walk into the wilderness, i always picture seeing a wolf coming up to me and greeting me. But that can never be because my fellow bretherin are being hunted, trapped and killed and can’t be allowed to roam freely as is their nature. This saddens me and needs to stop. :’(

  20. Katelyn Nettles says:

    Wolves are one of My fave animals!!!! This makes me angry,
    Such beautiful creatures

  21. Katelyn Nettles says:

    No to hunting them!!!

  22. Brittany Frosty says:

    Wolves deserve to live here too!!