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The strength of the wolf is the pack.

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Wolf Pass is a monthly giving program – a ticket to adventure and a community where you’re making a difference, every single month.

A minimum of $20.00 per month automatically enrolls you in the Wolf Pass community.

By contributing monthly as a Wolf Pass member, you play a direct and essential role in caring for the 29 remarkable wolves who call the WCC their home. In return, you gain exclusive access to their captivating world and our vital mission.

Once a Wolf Pass Member, You’ll Receive:

Monthly email updates containing stories from the WCC and beyond!

Behind the scenes and around the world

Custom welcome gift – Atka Adventure Kit to join you on the journey

Atka wolf plush with passport and more

Exclusive photos and videos of the wolves you’ve impacted firsthand

Red wolves and gray wolves and lobos, oh my!

An alphanumeric wolf identification name just like wild wolves!

F for female or M for male and a number will be assigned

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