Justice for All: Preventing Cruelty through Wildlife Governance Reform

The Wolf Conservation Center hosted Dr. Michelle Lute of Wildlife for All for a webinar at 6 PM ET on May 8, 2024 to discuss how wildlife governance reform can prevent future cruelty to wildlife, such as the recent tragic incident of the tortured wolf in Wyoming.

Dr. Lute explained how state wildlife management, especially Wyoming's liberalized predator killing policies, incentivizes illegal activities and systematic persecution of wolves and other native carnivores. Through a presentation followed by Q&A conversation, Michelle illuminated the urgent need for wildlife governance reform and outlined potential pathways toward compassionate conservation and multispecies justice. By sharpening our moral and political responsibilities to humans, animals and nature, we can create a world where all beings are respected and valued.


Michelle Lute is a conservation scientist and advocate with nearly twenty years’ experience in biodiversity conservation on public and private lands around the globe. Michelle holds a PhD in wildlife management from Michigan State University, an MS in animal behavior and ecology from the University of Notre Dame, and a BS in geography and environmental science from Valparaiso University. She started her environmental career in the National Park Service, worked for large and small nonprofits, state government and held research positions at universities across the US. Dr. Lute has authored over 30 publications in ecology and social sciences to develop evidence-based approaches to human-wildlife coexistence.