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Eager to learn more about wolves through fun activities and inspiring stories? Enjoy the many games, crafts, and wolf facts found on the Wolf Conservation Center's Activities for Kids page. More information about wolves, including answers to commonly asked questions, can be found on the FAQ page.

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Meet Some of the WCC's Youth Activists!

Every day, kids and young adults around the world work to save wolves and all wildlife. Meet some "wolf heroes"!

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Ms. B's Class

Meet Ms. B's third grade class! These students, from Field Club Elementary School in Nebraska, were so inspired by their recent exposure to wolves that they made a video encouraging respect, love, and protections for wild wolves. According to their teacher, the students "learned about wolves being hunted and wanted to spread awareness for wolf conservation." Click to watch their video!


Meet Turner! Turner has been working to save wolves since he was six years old. After Turner visited the WCC and met Atka, he realized he wanted to teach other kids about the importance of protecting wolves. Turner started a Facebook page entitled Kids for Wolves and began posting important pieces of wolf information. After years of hard work, Turner was invited to meet with Senator Casey of Pennsylvania! 


Meet Haley! She thinks wolves are beautiful animals and without wolves, the livestock or prey will grow too large. Haley has adopted 2 WCC wolves so far; Trumpet and Zephyr. Haley taught people about wolves by dressing up for Career Day as a WCC worker and passing out WCC Valentines.


Meet Lukas! Lukas, unlike many kids his age, already knows exactly what he wants to be when he grows up: an environmental scientist. When tasked with picking a topic for his local science fair, Lukas decided to study how a border wall between the United States and Mexico would affect wildlife. He's worried that a wall would disrupt the migratory movements of two of his favorite animals: the jaguar and the Mexican gray wolf.


Meet Rhiannon! Rhiannon is constantly working to save wolves and learn more about them. She makes and sells bracelets to raise money for the WCC, teaches her classmates about wolves, writes letters to elected officials to ask for wolf protections, and even won a contest to name a Mexican wolf pup! She also watches the WCC's scientific webinars to learn more about the wild world.


Meet Zaisha Kohli who lives in New Delhi, India! She is a wildlife and nature enthusiast, and has had a special love and passion for wolves since she was 7-years-old. To spread awareness about wolves, she hosted a webinar "The World of Wolves" for a nature club, Cuckoo About Nature (CAN). Her mission is to ensure wolves are not misunderstood. She represented her school at the WWF-India Wild Wisdom Quiz at the City level in 2018, and wants to open an animal rescue center when she grows up. 

Activities for Kids

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