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Eastern Canid

» Population Genomic Analysis of North American Eastern Wolves (Canis lycaon) Supports Their Conservation Priority Status Heppenheimer et al, 2018

» Failing to Protect a Threatened Species: Ontario Allows Hunting and Trapping of the Algonquin Wolf (Ontario Environmental Protection Report 2017, Ontario Environmental Commissioner Dianne Saxe) 2017

» Ungulate predation and ecological roles of wolves and coyotes in eastern North America (Benson et al, Ecological Applications) 2017

» Whole-genome sequence analysis shows that two endemic species of North American wolf are admixtures of the coyote and gray wolf (vonHoldt et al, Science Advances) 2016

» Rare Wolf or Common Coyote? It Shouldn't Matter, But It Does. (Smithsonian Magazine) 2016 

» Ontario Species at Risk Evaluation Report for Algonquin Wolf (Canis sp.), an evolutionarily significant and distinct hybrid with Canis lycaon, C. latrans, and C. lupus ancestry, (Committee on the Status of Species at Risk in Ontario (COSSARO)), 2016

» COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Eastern Wolf Canis sp. cf. lycaon in Canada, (COSEWIC - Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada), 2015

» Recent Occurances if Wild-origin Wolves (Canis spp.) in Canada South of the St. Lawrence River Revealed by Stable Isotope and Genetic Analysis, (Donald F. McAlpine, et al.), 2015

» RAD sequencing and genomic simulations resolve hybrid origins within North American Canis, (Rutledge et al.), 2015

» Wolf? Coyote? Coywolf? Understanding WolfHybrids Just Got a Bit Easier, (The Nature Conservancy), 2015

» Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) Dyad Monthly Association Rates by Demographic Group, (Meyer and Mech), 2015

» Hybridization Dynamics between Wolves and Coyotes in Central Ontario, (Benson, Wheeldon & Patterson), 2013 (PowerPoint Presentation)

» Use of cranial characters in taxonomy of the Minnesota wolf (Canis sp.), (Mech, Nowak, Weisberg), 2011

» Wolf family values - The exquisitely balanced social life of the wolf has implications far beyond the pack, (New Scientist), 2010

» Non-genetic Data Supporting Genetic Evidence for the Eastern Wolf, (Mech), 2011

» Genetic and morphometric analysis of sixteenth-century Canis skull fragments: implications for historic eastern and gray wolf distribution in North America, (Rutledge et al.), 2009

» Genetic characterization of Canis populations in the western Great Lakes region, (Wheeldon), 2009

» Genetic Characterization of Hybrid Wolves across Ontario, (Wilson et al), 2009

» DNA profiles of the eastern Canadian wolf and the red wolf provide evidence for a common evolutionary history independent of the gray wolf, (Wilson et al.), 2000

Photo: Steve Dunsford, Impressions of Algonquin