Online Nature Walk: Building Intimacy with Land through Wild Food and Medicine

Explore the medicine, lore, and ecology of flora and fungi right under your feet!

The act of wildcrafting — looking for and harvesting wild food and medicine — can reconnect us to our animal nature in a palpable way as we become more aware of our environment and the species in it.

This online nature walk on October 27, 2022 at 4 pm ET, led by herbalist, naturalist, author and Sacred Warrior founder Vanessa Chakour, will explore intimacy with land through edible and medicinal plants and fungi growing in the Northeastern United States and temperate zones of the world. Together, we’ll explore photos of each plant and mushroom as we discuss basic identification, the many ways they have been used in traditional food, lore or medicine, and touch on their roles in the ecosystem. Vanessa will share some basics of ethical wildcrafting and be open to some questions at the end of the talk.

Suggested donations of $20 can be made to the Wolf Conservation Center.

About the Speaker:

Vanessa Chakour is an author, herbalist, former pro-boxer, environmental activist and the founder of Sacred Warrior, an experiential school offering plant medicine, wildlife education, and therapeutic arts through courses, workshops and retreats. She has worked in partnership with Wolf Conservation Center for close to a decade. Her recent book, Awakening Artemis: Deepening Intimacy with The Living Earth and Reclaiming Our Wild Nature was recently published by Penguin Life in the US and UK, and Ullstein Press in Germany. She is working on a new book, Earthly Bodies: Embracing Our Animal Nature that will be published by Penguin Life in 2023.

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