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Born:  May 17, 2002                            
Weight: 80-90 lbs.
Height: 32”
Color: Sable with markings

Atka is the oldest ambassador wolf at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC). He arrived at the WCC from Minnesota when he was just 8 days old. He was raised by the WCC staff, volunteers, ambassador wolves and Eno. Eno was the WCC’s resident German Shepherd and ambassador wolf nanny.

On July 5th, 2005 we were forced to say goodbye to our friend Eno, he passed away at the age of 12.  Atka lived with Apache, Kaila and Lukas as a member of the ambassador family until the age of three.  At this age, Atka began to challenge Apache for his leadership (alpha) position in the pack. This is natural behavior as most wild wolves disperse from their natal packs between the age or 2 and 3 years old to establish their own families. In December of 2005, we helped Atka disperse to his new home, a brand new enclosure adjacent to his old family. 

Ever since the confident and charismatic ambassador has won the hearts and opened the minds of tens of thousands of people in his 13 years. He’s a powerful presence in the fight to preserve wolves’ rightful place in the environment, and for the Wolf Conservation Center staff and volunteers, the best boss we’ll ever have.

WOLF FACTS: Wild Arctic gray wolves (Canis lupus arctos) live primarily in the Arctic, the region located above 67° north latitude. The land is covered with snow and ice for most of the year, except for a brief period during the summer. Arctic wolves have adapted well to this icy environment. Atka, like his wild counterparts, has white fur, allowing him to blend into snowy surroundings. To help reduce heat loss, his ears are rounded, he has a shorter muzzle and shorter legs than other gray wolf subspecies. He also has hair between the pads of his feet and long, thick fur to keep him warm in temperatures that as low as minus 70° Fahrenheit. 

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