What’s wrong with this story?

A cow lives on a ranch in the southwest. A cow dies. Remaining on the landscape, the dead cow draws in predators (like wolves) looking for an easy meal. Scavenging is known to habituate wolves to prey on livestock. A wolf kills a cow. Ranchers are reimbursed for their losses and critically endangered Mexican gray wolf gets killed. Sound fair?

Here’s the problem.

There’s an imbalance. While livestock owners are compensated for livestock lost to wolves, and offered financial and logistical assistance with depredation avoidance measures, there is NO corresponding requirement for livestock owners to remove livestock carcasses on public lands (or take measures to protect their cattle from depredations in the first place).

When gray wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone and the northern Rocky Mountains, there was a rule stipulating that stock owners must not leave carcasses accessible to wolves.

So where’s the rule mandating livestock growers to practice basic animal husbandry (remove dead cows) within the recovery area of a wolf subspecies on the brink of extinction?

Something is rotten in the southwest states…  And it smells like cow

View U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s kill authorization for critically endangered Mexican gray wolf F1557 of the Diamond Pack.


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Howls of thanks to Lara Spencer and  Good Morning America for raising awareness for wolves and our efforts to protect and preserve them!

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The Wolf Conservation Center is constantly trying to make sure that our ambassador wolves have interesting experiences. Their enclosures are spacious and have natural varied terrain, but we also try to provide them with enrichment – activities that will challenge and mentally stimulate them. Sometimes the best enrichment is just a matter of letting the wolves explore a new environment so they can experience all sorts of different sights and smells!

With the summer season coming to an end, and the town pool closing for the season soon, we’re taking Ambassador wolf Atka for a swim!

We didn’t know what Atka would do, but sure was fun finding out!

Enormous thanks to Lewisboro Parks and Recreation Department for letting us throw the pool to the wolves!

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