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The Wolf Conservation Center is dedicated to dispelling myths and misinformation regarding eastern coyotes, one of the most maligned species in North America. A close cousin to the wolves we are dedicated to protecting, coyotes play an equally vital role in our local ecosystem as an apex predator. Coyotes are explorers, opportunists, and one of the most successful carnivores in North America because of their ability to cope, if not thrive, after decades of persecution at the hands of ranchers, landowners, farmers, and government agents. Learning more about the natural history of coyotes can help people understand their ecological role and how to successfully coexist with them. The WCC aims to increase awareness and access to accurate information regarding this dynamic keystone species in our own backyards.

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Trail Camera

Ready to find out which of your local wild species utilize your yard at night? Let’s set up a trail camera!

A trail camera is a weather-proof, remote camera often used as a method of non-invasive wildlife research. Trail cameras are designed to take photo and/or video footage when the sensor detects a warm-bodied animal passing in front of the device. This allows users to monitor wild species and populations without disturbing or influencing their behavior and movement. These cameras provide invaluable information on the species occupying the landscape. They can also be quite simple and fun to use!

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coyote presentations for your community

In an effort to increase our local impact, the WCC is committed to educating the local community on the wildlife with whom we share our landscape. This initiative includes providing off-site programs for schools, nature centers, libraries, and more to discuss the importance of our native flora and fauna.


If you have questions regarding coexistence with wildlife local to the New York tristate area, or if you would like to find out more about our off-site programs pertaining to local wildlife, please contact our Wildlife Outreach Specialist Dana Goin at dana@nywolf.org or call 914-763-2373.


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Check out our Resource Center for infographics you can use in your communities to promote coexistence with local wildlife!

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Wow! Besides getting an education on some of the most beautiful animals on the planet and being in “their environment “ it truly was one of the top 10 trips I have taken. The staff are FANTASTIC!

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