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The Wolf Conservation Center is dedicated to dispelling myths and misinformation regarding eastern coyotes, one of the most maligned species in North America. A close cousin to the wolves we are dedicated to protecting, coyotes play an equally vital role in our local ecosystem as an apex predator. Coyotes are explorers, opportunists, and one of the most successful carnivores in North America because of their ability to cope, if not thrive, after decades of persecution at the hands of ranchers, landowners, farmers, and government agents. Learning more about the natural history of coyotes can help people understand their ecological role and how to successfully coexist with them. The WCC aims to increase awareness and access to accurate information regarding this dynamic keystone species in our own backyards.


Learn about Eastern Coyotes and Coexistence

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In an effort to increase our local impact, the WCC is committed to educating the local community on the wildlife with whom we share our landscape. This initiative includes providing off-site programs for schools, nature centers, libraries, and more to discuss the importance of our native flora and fauna.

If you have questions regarding coexistence with wildlife local to the New York tristate area, or if you would like to find out more about our off-site programs pertaining to local wildlife, please contact our Wildlife Outreach Specialist Dana Goin at dana@nywolf.org or call 914-763-2373.

Coexistence Corner:

Changing Seasons Bring Cool Temps and Cooler Wildlife Adaptations

October 17, 2020

It’s that time of year again, when the days begin to fall shorter and the nights colder. As we prepare for the cooler months of autumn and winter, so do the wild species sharing our landscape. For different species, those preparations will vary. But one thing is certain – winter is harsh, and provisions must…

Expert to Offer Free Webinar about Eastern Coyotes

November 7, 2019

During the 20th-century, coyotes (Canis latrans) colonized eastern North America and then formed 2 distinct variant populations in the northeastern and southeastern regions that are morphologically and genetically different from western populations. In the past 15 years, we have expanded our knowledge of eastern coyotes in the areas of ecology, morphology, genetics, hybridization, and efficacy…

Sighting of Coyote Family Brings Joy and Excitement

November 6, 2019

Earlier this year, the WCC observed a family of coyotes on our wildlife cameras nearly every single night. Through close observation, we got to “know” these individuals quite well and could reliably differentiate them from one another in their photos and videos. Most frequently spotted were the breeding pair – a tan and gray male…

Opening Day of NY Coyote Season – At What Cost?

October 1, 2019

Today, October 1st, is the first day of coyote hunting season in New York State. Coyotes – like wolves – have been historically persecuted for decades. In over 30 U.S. states, coyote hunting season never ends. New York is one of only a handful of states with a limited coyote season: six months out of…

Wolf Conservation Center Gets Thrown to the Cats

July 5, 2019

Did you hear a “meow”?! Recently at the Wolf Conservation Center, we have begun utilizing trail cameras across our grounds. A trail camera is triggered to take photos or videos when it senses changes in heat and motion, typically when an animal passes in front of the camera. We placed these cameras in various locations…

End Cruel Wildlife – Killing Contests in New York!

May 28, 2019

Four months. That’s how much time this mother has left to raise her pups before the coyote hunting season begins in New York. It’s open season on coyotes October 1 – March 29. It’s also the period of time when New York allows cruel coyote-killing competitions where contestants compete to shoot the most or biggest…

The Perils of Rodenticide

May 2, 2019

Last month, radio-collared mountain lion P-47 was discovered dead in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area with his likely cause of death being exposure to rat poison. A necropsy revealed that the three-year-old lion had evidence of six difference anticoagulants in his system, and had internal bleeding in his head and lungs. Though rodenticides…

Letter: Hazing Coyotes Protect the Animals and Humans

April 14, 2019

It’s no secret I like coyotes. In fact, part of my job as Wildlife Outreach Specialist at the Wolf Conservation Center in New York is to address the rampant misinformation so widely circulated about coyotes. That is why I felt compelled to respond to Leo Maloney’s Op-Ed that is rife with misrepresentation of coyote behavior.…

Clever Raven Caches Food

April 2, 2019

Studies have shown that ravens seem to anticipate theft by rivals, and will cache their food to save some for later. Ravens will observe other ravens’ behaviors and will raid their caches if they have the chance. “At the same time, ravens with thievery on their minds try to look like they’re not watching too closely, which would…

Trail Cam Reveals Wolf Conservation Center’s Other Wild Residents

March 31, 2019

Although the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) is only an hour away from New York City, there’s actually more native wildlife around than a person might expect. From owls and eagles to eastern coyotes and bobcats – New York’s Westchester County is pretty wild! Here are some of the critters that our trail-cam captured in the…