Scout Programs

Meet various badge requirements with the help of WOLVES! The WCC's education programs can be tailored to meet several Girl Scout and Boy Scout badges, but the troop leaders make the final decision as to whether or not badge requirements have been satisfied.

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Dates & Times:

  • Tuesday - Friday, pending availability
  • Length: 1.5 hours
  • Start Time: badge dependent


  • $200 - up to 15 people (all scout programs)
  • Additional guests:
    • $14 for adults
    • $11 for children under 12

Please email for more information.

The WCC does not provide the physical badges. A scout group can also opt to reserve the WCC's "general" education program rather than reserving one of the below programs. Visitors will learn about wolf history, diet, behavior, and more while viewing the WCC's gray wolves. There's also the potential chance to observe some of the critically endangered red wolves and endangered Mexican gray wolves that reside at the WCC.

Girl Scout Badge Offerings

Journey: Think like a citizen scientist 

“Dreams of becoming a real scientist one day? Our wolves want to help! Learn about the science and study methods researchers use to better understand the world around them by spending time with our Ambassador wolves. Create your own scientific data through observing and collecting information via sight and sound!” 

Badge Requirements:

  • Find out how citizen scientists make observations, collect data, and work with scientists to receive feedback on research.  
  • Do 3 citizen science activities: sharpen your observation skills through 2 observation games and a SciStarter project.  
  • Plan a Take Action project that helps others. If you're a Girl Scout volunteer, go to Volunteer Toolkit for complete meeting plans and activity instructions. 

Animal Habitats

“Have you wanted to walk in the footsteps of giants? In gaining your Animal Habitats badge, you’ll take a journey into an actual (empty) endangered wolf enclosure to better understand what makes a happy wolf home, as well as learning about what makes wolves so wild and ways to help keep them that way!” 

Badge Requirements:

Find out more about where animals live, how they play, and how humans can help them. 

  • Find out about wild animals    
  • Investigate an animal habitat   
  • Create an animal house  
  • Explore endangered habitats   
  • Help protect animal habitats     

When you've earned this badge, you will know more about wild animals and how to protect their homes. 

What Visitors Have to Say:

Quotation Marks Left White

Wow! Besides getting an education on some of the most beautiful animals on the planet and being in “their environment “ it truly was one of the top 10 trips I have taken. The staff are FANTASTIC!

Jon Smith