Part-Time "Nannies" Wanted

The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) is giving supporters (10 years and older) an incredibly unique opportunity to help socialize the newest addition to the education team, the WCC's Ambassador wolf pup!  We'll begin our "Pup Socials" in late May/early July.  Each one-hour session will be limited to up to two people per individual registration. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will not only impart lasting memories but also lets supporters be a part of cultivating an Ambassador who will teach visitors about the importance of his wild kin.  At summer's end, the pup will join Ambassador wolves Nikai and Alawa allowing guests to forge a connection with an elusive predator they would not likely see in the wild.

Registration is open today although actual dates cannot be scheduled until the pup has been born. We're limiting our "Pup Socials" to just 35 and those that register first will have the first choice of dates on our schedule.  Once the pup is born, we'll contact each participant in order of their registration date.

Pup Social Registration* - $1000.00
*Up to 2 visitors per registration.  Your contribution is tax-deductible as allowed by law


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