Race Like a Wolf 2024

Are You Ready for a Challenge?

Race Like a Wolf is a global virtual challenge to complete 100 miles on foot (walking, running, hiking) or 200 miles on a bike throughout September to raise funds for wolf conservation. 

By participating in Race Like a Wolf, you directly impact the conservation of Mexican gray and red wolves across North America. The funds raised will be used for the Wolf Conservation Center’s educational programming, advocacy, research, and recovery efforts, ensuring these species survive and thrive. 

As our gift to you, the first 500 registrants will receive an official 2024 RLaW t-shirt.

We Need You In This Fight

We believe that no species should face extinction at the hands of humanity. We won’t give up the fight, and we can create real change together. 

Strong and wild, wolves once inhabited most of the area now known as the United States and Canada. Their presence as a keystone predator plays a vital role in restoring and rebalancing fragile ecosystems, as they indirectly enable plants and trees to flourish and impact the survival and populations of many animal species. In the mid-1900s, wolves were on the brink of extinction due to generations of unethical hunting and trapping. Help us create a world where wolves thrive and raise critical funds today by becoming a 2024 Race Like a Wolf fundraiser.

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Become a Fundraiser

Create a Race Like a Wolf fundraiser and invite your friends, family, and colleagues to support your fitness goals. Get creative on social media and post about why you’re fundraising for wolves, you can even include photos and videos to help your efforts gain more attention.

Set A Record

The top challengers who clock the most mileage as well as the first participants to reach the 100-mile and 200-mile markers will receive a top finisher prize.

Participants who complete their mileage will receive a custom wood-cut finishers medal, and top fundraisers will have the opportunity to win exciting prizes from our sponsors.  

Leading The Way By Fundraising And Achieving A Personal Record

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Last year, Race Like a Wolf participant Daniel Lockhart took the challenge to the next level by raising over $2,500! During his teenage years, he was interested in wildlife biology, and participating in Race Like a Wolf was Daniel’s opportunity to achieve a lifelong running goal and give back meaningfully.  

Daniel logged a 100-mile run in just under 24 hours (23:25:19 to be exact!), fulfilling his long-distance running dream and his passion for helping wolves.  


Howls of Thanks to Our 2024 Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor? It’s not too late! Challenge sponsors can gain significant exposure through the WCC’s extensive fanbase. If you are interested in learning more about how your company can support, please contact events@nywolf.org.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please email events@nywolf.org.