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Red Wolf Pupdate: Nine Month Milestone

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Nine months ago today red wolf F1563 (a.k.a. Salty) gave birth to a litter of pups. All of them adorable and each a valuable contribution to the recovery of his and her rare and at-risk species. The youngsters gained an enormous fan base from wiggling into homes and hearts of a global audience via webcam. An unlimited number of watchers witnessed the pups squeak out their early howls, romp and play among their older siblings, and develop unique and diverse personalities.

red_pup_logo_5 (2)The family of eight was moved to a different enclosure a few months ago (to better accommodate their numbers) and WCC staff hope to have webcams streaming live from their new turf soon.

Although the nine-month-olds are looking less like pups everyday, their behavior still reflects they remain pups at heart. The siblings remain frisky, their wrestling matches endless. Playtime includes games of chase, jaw sparring, and varied vocalizations. Pup status in the family hierarchy is also beginning to take shape with youngsters displaying either more dominant or submissive behaviors. So playtime isn’t just about fun, it’s a means to development and strengthens family bonds too.

red_pups_behavior (2)

Pup status in the pack hierarchy taking shape with pups displaying either more dominant or submissive behaviors

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