Red Wolf Week Virtual Field Trip Raffle

Celebrate the seventh annual Red Wolf Week with a virtual field trip! North Carolina is currently the only state home to wild red wolves and it's vital that students learn to appreciate their state's wild heritage.

North Carolina teachers and parents are encouraged to enter our raffle to win a FREE virtual field trip during Red Wolf Week (Sep. 10 - 16).

This raffle only applies to North Carolina schools - please enter the school you would like to win a virtual field trip for in the "Employer" field. The winning schools will be contacted the week of Sep.1 to begin the scheduling process.

About our Virtual Field Trips

Students will experience a field trip to the WCC from the comfort of their classrooms or computer screens, and will enjoy a 45-minute immersion into the wild world of WCC wolves! Each program is intended to supplement classroom-based lesson plans and offer an in-depth look at wolves and their ecological importance.

Students will learn: